Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Good. The Bad. The Embarrassing.

I fell off my bike last week. Just when I was starting to feel like a local, biking all around town, I fall off my bike. No worries, no one was hurt, just my pride. Henry and I were out on our regular evening bike ride, searching for the train. We were a bit early, so I was biking along the trail, and decided at one point to turn around.....on a hill. Bad idea. Turning around on an incline, with a toddler chariot attached to your bike does not go well. The bike tipped over, I fell off, but Henry was safe in his chariot, simply crying because I caused him to drop a few Goldfish crackers.

The toddler in his chariot, telling me where to go.

Choooo, choooo
With the embarrassing out of the way, let's talk about the bad. Two things are bothering me about life in Durango.

-No Target. I went from living 5 minutes away from a Target, to now being 50 minutes away. I think I have finally detoxed myself of Target, some days were difficult, but I am good. I told myself not to drive the 50 minutes until I was fully prepared to accept living so far away. I have yet to visit Target.

-The lack of Jeep Jeep love. When you drive a Jeep (Wrangler only) other Jeep (Wrangler only) drivers will wave at you. It's like some Jeep bond, I refer to as Jeep Jeep Love. Well, we moved to Durango and there are Jeeps everywhere! But, no Jeep Jeep Love. I wave, no response. It finally got to the point I stopped waving. I decided this was completely unacceptable. I would start waving, knowing I would get no Jeep Jeep Love. Well, I have come to the conclusion, Jeep Jeep Love is only reciprocated among Jeeps that have been altered, lifted, winch attached, doors removed, something that differentiates a regular Jeep from a customized Jeep. My theory seems to be correct because each time I send Jeep Jeep Love to another customized Jeep, the love is returned. And I am completely aware, referring to this as Jeep Jeep Love negates the manliness. :)

Now on to the GOOD! Henry and I have been exploring our new home. Many, many, many days include visits to see the train. If you do not like trains or have some fear of trains, you probably shouldn't visit. To change it up, we watch the trains from various locations, sometimes it is while having dinner at a couple different restaurants that have great views of the train tracks, other times it is on the bike, biking somewhere along the trail (hopefully not falling off the bike, again), visiting one of the playgrounds that has great train views and sometimes the weather seems to not cooperate, so we drive Bear to one of the viewing spots. Either way, we check out the train, A LOT!
At one of our favorite train watching restaurants, celebrating my birthday.
Little Man likes to "Cheers" our drinks (only water in his drink cup).

All is calm until we hear the train horn. 

View of the train from our dinner table. 


Listening to the bands play on the 4th of July, and of course, waiting for the train. 

Henry decided he did not like the previous train viewing location, so we biked to a different location and did a bit of hiking to get this view. 

We even saw the Firetruck. Coal burning, steam train, mixed with very dry conditions makes for lots of small fires along the tracks. The firetruck follows the train and puts out any fires that may start. 

Not sure if it is the same deer every time, but this deer is almost always here when we are out on our evening bike ride. 
I decided to go for a hike. Henry was in school, so I didn't have to worry about carrying him.
We will leave that hard job for Ryan. ;)
Views from the top of Animas Mountain. 

Looking at Main Street. 

Sunday morning bike rides. The gym daycare is closed on Sundays so Henry and I go for long bike rides around town. Check out the river, visit a few playgrounds, explore. 

I told him to go put his shoes on. He decided Dad's shoes would work for the day. 

Hanging out at the splash pad. 

Feeding the fish. Durango has a fish hatchery and you are able to feed the fish. Henry loved it! I think this may become a regular activity as well, or at least until they release all the fish for the year. 

Luckily he did not try to jump in the water, but there is always a future visit.
I don't underestimate his abilities. I keep a hand ready to grab him. 

One of the best parts of all.....
The site of our new home. The house plans have been finalized. We will break ground next month!
The boulders were delivered for use in our back courtyard. Ryan and I are really excited about the new house!
Stay tuned for more adventures and updates on our new home! :)

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Exploring Durango...and the surrounding areas...

My last post was a lot of writing and a few pictures. This post will be a lot of pictures, and a little bit of writing.

We arrived in Durango on June 3rd, and basically hit the ground running, exploring as much as we possibly could before Ryan left.

First meal in Durango.
So thankful to be out of the car.
Animas River Days was taking place the day we arrived.
We decided to check it out.
Extremely entertaining, a bunch of people in rafts trying to navigate the rapids.

There's a new sheriff in town. 

You can't be a kid in Durango without a bicycle.
We quickly solved that problem. 

First Jeep Trail experience, Missionary Ridge in the San Juan National Forest.
Our shipment still had not arrived, so we decided to go on evening picnics to various areas.

If I remember correctly, this was Kennebec Pass Trail. Again, in the San Juan National Forest, and another location for our dinner picnic. 

View from the San Juan Skyway, road from Durango to Silverton.
Silverton in the distance. 

Ophir Pass.
Jeep Trail from Silverton to Telluride. 


No worries, just some snow along the trail. 

Our shipment still had not arrived, so we decided to take a trip to Moab. 

Arches National Park

Thankful our friends let us borrow their hiking backpack. 

We decided to bring Henry's offroad vehicle with us. 

The next Jeep adventure was back in Durango, along the way to Silverton.
Old Lime Creek Road.
Ryan insisted I drive part of the trail. 

Another dinner picnic location. 

Father's Day was spent exploring areas around Silverton and Ouray.
I believe this was Yankee Boy Basin Trail. 

Another day, another hike.
Animas Mountain hiking trail, great views of Durango below. 

Deer are everywhere!
These particular deer chose our neighbor's flowers as their appetizer for the evening. 

Little Man is obsessed with the train. 

This was our last hike before Ryan left. The Colorado Trail ends (or starts, depending on how you take it) near Durango, we hiked a portion of The Colorado Trail to Gudy's Rest.
Our shipment was suppose to arrive June 5-9, it did not arrive until June 25th. We made the best out of not having our things and explored. My extreme dislike of cardboard boxes "encouraged" me to unpack everything in less than a week. Our rental house is small, but it's in a great location. Our guest bedroom is all set up, come and visit!